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Islamofacist Analrapist

Anyone still around? I've been around, commenting in comms and such, but never my actual journal. Life has been life. Graduated, unemployed for a year, job for 9 months, got laid off, got another job, starting grad school in August. Library science.

Anyhow. If anyone is still here, I'd love to follow you and catch up Tumblr, if you have one. I'm http://lalie.tumblr.com over there.
Islamofacist Analrapist
01 April 2009 @ 12:10 pm
We watched 夢十夜 (Ten Nights of Dreams) last night and this the greatest vignette I have ever seen in my life. The fun begins at like 3:00 if it starts out too slow for you. Expect a Japanese Karl Lagerfeld breakin' it down.


In unrelated news, we discussed homosexuality in my Catholicism class today and my professor said gays have health problems because anal sex causes them and then I asked him if lesbians get off scot-free then, if that's his logic and he looked at me appalled. And then he was like "having sex with other men does not mean one is gay" which I agree with but then he said, "like there are black men who meet up in clubs for homosexual relationship but adamantly deny being gay" and then I was like, "oh, right, the down-low?" and he looked even more appalled that I knew what it was termed. Also birth control causes women to be whores, apparently.

In even more unrelated news, they patched a crack in our side stairs and the cement is still wet, so my roommate/bff and I wrote IT'S NOT LUPUS on the vertical face because we couldn't think of anything else that would confuse people as much. If you think of anything better let me know soon before it dries.
Islamofacist Analrapist
27 February 2009 @ 02:33 am
Guys a homeless guy just gave me a dollar because I was bitching about Busey Bank not reactivating my credit card and then he asked me to kiss him and I said no, I'm Catholic, sorry.

My life has reached a new low y/n?
Islamofacist Analrapist
15 January 2009 @ 04:10 pm
Meat Slicer



Guys I was almost as hardcore as Rahm Emmanuel except he lost a finger and I just got seven stitches. Plus I got to say, "Is there a doctor in the house?" at the cafe but everyone thought I was joking and I had to be like "no really guys I'm kind of grievously injured".

Side Note: This song is amazing. Thank you for leaking it, Kanye West. Shit is indeed dope.
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Islamofacist Analrapist
09 December 2008 @ 04:16 pm
"Gov. Blagojevich has taken us to a new low," [Patrick Fitzgerald] said. "This conduct would make [Abraham] Lincoln roll over in his grave."

LOLOLOLOL Are we being serious here? Did we forget our last governor sold (1) appointments to gov'nt office, (2) bids for state contracts, AND (3) semi-truck licenses? It's not like the bar was set very high. The results of Ryan's corruption actually killed people.

This is why you never trust a man who keeps a comb up his sleeve at all times. And who, you know, has had glaring ties with the Chicago Outfit since day one.
(Though I guess my mom's friend Chrissy should be glad he screwed her over after her dad died and didn't give her a gov'nt appointment.)

FUN FACT: Rod Blagojevich was Rahm Emanuel's 5th District predecessor.

Islamofacist Analrapist
04 December 2008 @ 01:50 am
influencethis just linked me to this and even though I need to go to bed I keep replaying it and being torn between laughing and being a little sad.

Neil Patrick Harris popping up keeps sending me into fits of laughter.
Islamofacist Analrapist
29 October 2008 @ 12:47 am


I saw Merwin and Pinsky speak tonight about their Dante translations and I know I'm a total nerd but can Merwin be my new grandpa? My class actually randomly ran into him at the library yesterday and he sat down and talked with us for a while. Awesome.
I'm sure there's a much more eloquent way to say this but I have too much other stuff to worry about right now.

Again apologies for my long absences but life has been crazy. I'm not even going to make any of the November 1st deadlines for law school applications. Not that I'm going to get in to any first-tier schools; I am woefully underqualified. Thanks, economy, for making this my only viable option right now.

PS. What is everyone being for Halloween? On the actual day I'm being Nancy Sinatra and for my friends' "All Sluts Day" party the next day I think I'm going to be the Whore of Babylon (you have to be something slutty).
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Islamofacist Analrapist
02 October 2008 @ 11:12 pm
finally watching the debate online and


Senator (O)Biden ftw
He just keeps laughing in her face, I love it.
Islamofacist Analrapist
20 May 2008 @ 12:14 am
(This will be of special distraction interest to cutthroatpixie post-House finale.)

Since that quake I last posted about, we've had a few aftershocks. In regards to my own shakeups, I've completed my penultimate spring semester exams, got an accidental C- (really an A-), and started working at a chocolate cafe and a coffeehouse. I'm staying in my apartment in my university town this summer- I have a year lease anyways, and it's much less stressful than staying at home. So I'm going it alone for about 3 months; my roommate is busy over in Indianapolis shooting down satellites with missiles, or whatever it is Level 3 security clearance at an international defense contractor lets you do. It's been peaceful, although a little unsettling at night.

Perhaps to reflect these changes, I've resolved to dye my hair. I'm probably going to keep the cut just about the same because I actually like the way my hair's been falling naturally lately, but I want to have fun with the color. And in the wake of my latest television love, I've been leaning towards getting it dyed the shade that Anne Dudek has her hair.

photo exhibitsCollapse )

So, do you think I can pull this off? I don't have polls any more, but even a short comment will be helpful. I just want some other opinions on this before I go bleaching my hair, I guess.
I'm going to make an appointment at Ippatsu (their motto is If we can't make you look good... you're ugly - how can I go wrong with that?) as soon as there's a feasible gap in my work schedule.
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Islamofacist Analrapist
18 April 2008 @ 12:15 pm
Lesson of the Day: Stop rationalizing self out of things. It will lead to, "Wait, what? That really was an earthquake?" 5 hours after it happened.

This morning I woke up and rationalized that I was probably just hallucinating, albeit a weird hallucination, or that my neighbors were having very odd sex and banging the bed against the adjoining wall.
I thought vaguely that perhaps it was the St. Louis faultline acting up, but I sleepily dismissed that because then it would involve getting out of my bed and taking shelter in the doorway, or whatever it is you're supposed to do. I don't think we ever actually had earthquake drills, just fire and air raid ones.

There was an aftershock at like 10:30, and then I just thought I was having vertigo.

I texted my cousin who grew up in California and he's like HOW THE HELL DID YOU IGNORE A 5.2 EARTHQUAKE LOL YOU DUMBASS.
My family is so caring.
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